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Recruitment & Assessment

Entry of human resources into organisations as well as internal recruitment plays a crucial role in helping organisations meet their goals and keep them in readiness to meet the ever-changing needs of the business environment. Recruitment decisions are crucial also because they are costly and recruitment mistakes adversely impact organizational image. Organisations therefore need to have robust systems & processes in this area.

Services in the following area are being provided:-

            15.gif (96 bytes) Assessment Centres
            15.gif (96 bytes) Assessor Training
            15.gif (96 bytes) Recruitment & Selection Skills Workshop
            15.gif (96 bytes) Selection & Competency-Based Interviewing
            15.gif (96 bytes) Recruitment System
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The use of assessment centers as the most reliable methodology for making selection, promotion or potential identification decisions is by now well established. Competency models, which are a precondition for running the centers would be put in place & exercises developed simulating job demands in the organization. The process is time consuming and requires the commitment of top management for success.

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Objectives & Introduction –The precondition for running these is a set of clearly defined behavioural competencies. The objectives of the workshop would be to train assessors for running assessment centers.

Methodology - Apart from theoretical inputs, hands-on practice will be provided in running various exercises, running a mock Assessment Centre and evaluating candidates using this methodology. Managers will also be provided inputs in Competency-based interviewing.

Workshop Contents

  • The organizational context & the need for change

  • What are assessment centers?

  • Competencies: what are they?

  • The competency / exercise matrix

  • Principles and models of assessment

  • Behaviourally anchored rating scales

  • The wash-up or integration session – rules & principles.

  • Designing a time-table

  • Administering the Centre

  • Running a mock assessment Centre 

29.gif (198 bytes) Recruitment & Selection Skills Workshops Top   Home

Introduction & Objectives - The focus of the workshop is to equip managers to become better recruiters through exposure to pre as well as post recruitment requirements apart from making them more adept in group observation and selection interview skills.

Methodology - Sharing of concepts through lectures, exercises, experience in group observation, mock selection interviewing which would be video recorded and played back with feedback & comments from participants and facilitator, would constitute the basic methodology.

Workshop Contents:

  • The recruitment context-The organizational context & recruitment strategy

  • Why recruit?

  • Role Analysis & Person Specification

  • Sources of recruitment and its linkage with organizational strategy

  • Analyzing CV’s

  • Group Discussion-What to observe in groups? Group observation skills

  • Practice GD observation.

  • The selection interview. Competency-based or Behavioural Event Interview.

  • Recruiter Biases

  • Cost of recruitment

  • Assessing candidates

  • Offer & post offer interventions

  • Handling the rejected candidate.

29.gif (198 bytes) Interviewing Skills Workshop Top   Home

Introduction & Objectives - Interviews continue to be the most widely used selection methodology. However, if they are not structured they could become chaotic and throw up little organized data to make effective selection decisions. The workshop will provide inputs and practice to participants to carry out a structured selection interview. A model will be provided as an aid to carry out a structured interview. In case a competency model exists inputs will be provided on Competency-based interviewing or BEI.

Methodology - Participated are provided theoretical inputs backed with actual experience of conducting a structured interview, which is videotaped and played back to participants for feedback & learning.

Workshop Contents:

  • The organizational context and practice

  • Structured and unstructured interviews – research validity

  • Determining and agreeing selection criteria or competencies.

  • Preparing for the interview

  • Conducting the interview (Structured, Competency-based or BEI)

  • Post interview formalities

  • Questioning skills

  • Picking up cues from non-verbal behaviour

  • Evaluating the candidate

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